The Dynamo stadium in Moscow are going to build again

The Dynamo stadium in Moscow are going to build againIn the near future should begin the reconstruction of the Moscow stadium "Dynamo". "Now we have three plans of reconstruction of our arena," says CEO of blue and white Yury Zavarzin. - The first involves the construction of a pure football stadium, there are no treadmills. This will require only a transformation of the stands. The second plan is more radical: we tear down the old stadium and build a new, 50 thousand spectators.And, finally, the last project is in cosmetic reconstruction, namely updating the stands of the premises. Almost certainly at the stadium appears visor. Читать полностью -->

CSKA confirmed that the possible acquisition of the shares of the club by Roman Abramovich

CSKA confirmed that the possible acquisition of the shares of the club by Roman AbramovichIn CSKA Moscow confirmed the fact of negotiations about a possible acquisition of the shares of the club Governor of Chukotka Roman Abramovich."Some contacts are maintained. But to talk about specific numbers too early," - said on Thursday the Agency "Interfax" a press - the Secretary of the club Sergey Aksenov.He also said it was difficult to call, with any of the shareholders of the club Abramovich talks, noting that 24% of the shares of FC CSKA still belong to the Central sports club of army, Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.Information about Abramovich plans to buy shares of CSKA has appeared in the media a few days ago, but still she could not find official confirmation.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Tottenham and Fulham want to buy di Biagio

Tottenham and Fulham want to buy di BiagioTwo of the club of the English Premier League's claim to be the Italian midfielder "inter" Luigi di Biagio. Late last night, Tottenham and Fulham appealed to the Milan club with a proposal to buy a soccer team in Italy. Note that if the parties can agree, then the transition of the Italian footballer will be possible in January, when England open dozayavochny period. Representatives of "inter" has not commented on this information.. . . Читать полностью -->

Dario Passoni: a Few worthy of your teams and Serie a

Dario Passoni: a Few worthy of your teams and Serie aThe departure of midfielder Darijo Passoni from AC Chievo Verona in Uralan not remained unnoticed in the Apennines. Italian journalists are keenly interested in the fate of a player who chose exotic, from their point of view, a variant of continuation of career. La Gazzetta dello Sport went ahead competitors: she not only published an interview with Passoni, but also introduced the start of the championship of Russia.- In Italy your move surprised many. So what you think? - ask Passoni who just moved from Verona to Elista.- The exotic element, of course, but I wouldn't draw attention to it. In today's football is so blurred the boundaries that anything not surprised. What we are Dal Canto was in Russia, the order of the day, and not a misunderstanding. Читать полностью -->

Artem Bezrodny's goal vs Russia

Artem Bezrodny's goal vs Russia- How long have you played in "Spartacus". The veteran of the team feel? Veterans we Kovtun and sheep. I'm an old-timer. Only Titov played for Spartak more, if we talk about the current team.- From the outside it seems that "Spartak" has changed. And from the inside?- Changed, of course. In "Spartak" today a lot of new people. Читать полностью -->

Beckham doesn't need to Italian giants

Beckham doesn't need to Italian giantsThe incident happened a week ago with Alex Ferguson and David Beckham, generated a lot of speculation about the possible departure of the player from Manchester United, has not remained without attention of the leading Italian clubs. Thus, the General Manager of Juventus, Luciano Moggi said that Beckham will not appear on his team. "It's much more like women than me. I never believed he was a phenomenal player and believe he may receive in Italy. He's not one of those people who change teams," he said in an interview with the weekly Contro Campo. Moggi also said that if Juventus and buy someone at the end of the season, only the defender. Читать полностью -->

Self - confidence is the cancer of football, says Houllier

Self - confidence is the cancer of football, says HoullierThe Liverpool coach Gerard Houllier has warned his players not to be "too cocky" in Saturday's match against Bolton."We will remind that on Sunday, Liverpool beat Manchester United in the League Cup final 2-0 and got a place in the UEFA Cup next season.But the Hive doesn't want his team was relaxing in the remaining 10 matches in the Premier League. Liverpool need a good series of results, to book themselves a spot in the Champions League."We try not to succumb to the stupid complacency, which often in some teams. It is a cancer to football," said French specialist reporters."The League Cup means that we already got a place in the European draw, but now we have over backwards to try to get into the Champions League."Liverpool" for seven straight games no wins at home that Houllier commented: "Home to us why we lack confidence. We create many scoring opportunities, but ultimately the ball is in the goal".In the upcoming match against "Bolton" because of injuries, will not play striker Emile Heskey and defender Stefan Ancho. The hive will have to think about how to neutralize the French striker, "Bolton" jГјri of Djorkaeff.Houllier said that before moving in, "Bolton", the French wanted to join Liverpool."He's a real professional and a great guy. He wanted to play in our team, but then we had Jari Litmanen".. Читать полностью -->

Yesterday, the RFU Executive Committee approved the composition of the dispute resolution Chamber

Yesterday, the RFU Executive Committee approved the composition of the dispute resolution ChamberIn addition to the Chairman came Thick waders, Alkyne (both RFU), Kaplin, Babayev (both Premier League), Ivanov and Sokolov (both PFL), hidiyatullin, Nikolaenko (both the Union and the players and coaches), noses (the Association of mini-football) and Barkalov (women's football Association), the correspondent "SE" Alexander BOBROV. Note that for the first time, we can say, officially recognized as a Union, although its leaders are unhappy little representation in the House: on the recommendation of FIFA, it should be 50 percent.Also approved the list of members of the Bureau kontrolno-disciplinary Committee RFS in the Premier League and PFL. According to the President of the RFU Vyacheslav Koloskova, in a single composition, it will consider conflict situations in Cup matches involving teams from different divisions. The imposition of disciplinary sanctions on the Premier League games will be engaged in one part of the members of the Bureau (Maruschak, waders, Razin, beavers, Kaplin, Pyshkin, Savkin, Spirin), the matches of the first and second divisions - other (Maruschak, waders, Savkin, Spirin, Razin, Ivanov a, Popov, Sokolov, Grokhovsky).. . . Читать полностью -->

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